The team at Cherry Court Vet Clinic love seeing cats and we have GOLD accreditation with the International Society of Feline Medicine as a Cat-Friendly Clinic.

You can read more about what this accreditation means here:

Cherry Vets Team

We aim to support cat owners and we understand that cats are unique creatures with some very specific needs. Here are some tips to make their, yours and our day a bit more stress free:

Preparing for your visit

Please forward any previous medical records or bring them to your appointment.

Please check with reception if it is best to fast your cat prior to their visit.

If you are able to collect a fresh urine sample this is always helpful. If the visit is regarding tummy troubles then a fresh stool sample can be useful too. If your cat is exhibiting any concerning behaviours at home please bring a short video as your cat is likely to behave differently in the clinic.

Invest in a great cat carrier (we can’t stress this enough) and give your cat a chance to familiarise themselves with the carrier. Please find our handout on Cat Carriers in our library. Please ensure your cat is safely secured in their carrier until you enter the consult room.

If you have a very nervous cat please ask about our Pre-Visit Calming Kits. These contain a range of prescription and non-prescription calming products that can be safely administered at home. These kits are dispensed at the discretion of the attending veterinarian.

Preparing for your visit

Travelling to the clinic

Cover the carrier with a towel and place it in the foot well of the car where it can’t slide around. If music is playing in the car, keep it calm and not too loud. Your cat will already be worried, and they will be particularly sensitive to strange or loud noises.

When you arrive at the clinic

Please enter through the CAT ONLY door to avoid being greeted by any dogs.

Place your cat carrier on the stand between the waiting room chairs and place a cover over the cage. You will find a basket of clean, Feliway-infused towels or cage covers next to the carrier stand.

We only schedule one cat consultation every 30 minutes in the hope of eliminating any wait time. Unfortunately, emergencies sometimes arise and must be seen as a priority. If your vet or nurse are delayed then our receptionists will usher you into our CAT ONLY consult room as soon as possible.

Unless advised otherwise you are welcome to let your cat out of their carrier once in the cat consult room so they can explore this new space.

When you arrive at the clinic

Staying in hospital:

Cats may need to be with us for a whole day in hospital, or even a few days if they're unwell. Our hospital staff will provide them a large enclosure to explore in a quiet and warm cat ward. They will have comfortable, warm bedding with food, water, and of course a litter tray too!

But what can you do to make your cat’s stay with us more comfortable?

  • Litter - although we provide litter and a tray for our patients- some cats may not use it if the smells and litter is different from what they have at home. It is a great idea to bring a small bag with fresh litter in it with your cat when they are staying with us
  • Blankets and toys - again, although we provide these items for your feline friend- they don't have the same pheromones and smells as their own toys and blankets from home. Why not place their own blanket in their carrier when they come to the hospital and a toy for them to play with!
  • Food - our wonderful boss Berol cooks up her famous recipe of slow cooked chicken each week for our patients. If your cat can be fussy, we encourage you to bring some of their food or favourite treats from home.


Meet your cat's advocates: Nurses Cat & Nurse Telea.

Telea and Cat are responsible for ensuring the clinic upholds a high standard for your kitty! They understand that cats are unique creatures with very specific needs and their focus is to ensure your cat has the most relaxed and productive visit to us possible.

Cat & Telea are passionate about all things cat-related and are always on the look-out for the newest cat friendly advice as well as organising cat-friendly training for the team.

If you're looking for any advice about your cat, these are the team members to ask! If you’d like to learn more about how our Cat Advocates can support you and your cat, please reach out to us on 9378 1133.


How else can we help?

If you have any further questions or requests regarding your cat’s upcoming visit our receptionists are trained in feline friendly practice and would be happy to help, or they may direct you to one of our Cat Advocates – Nurse Telea or Nurse Cat.